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«Leung manages to present a barrage of intriguing theories debunking our generally accepted beliefs… There’s no denying, however, the value of exploring such game-changing topics as how HIV-infection numbers are cooked for monetary and political gain; how the effects of global poverty may have led to so many AIDS-related deaths; Leggi tutto »

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Nel 2005 i leader del G8 hanno promesso di sostenere lo sviluppo dei paesi più poveri.
Ma questa promessa è stata disattesa: 50 miliardi di dollari in più dovevano essere dedicati agli aiuti entro il 2010, di cui la metà per l’Africa. A tutt’oggi, questi target sono ancora lontani-mancano ancora 30 miliardi di dollari, di cui 10 miliardi solo per l’Africa, dove solo una persona su 5 ha accesso alle cure mediche per HIV e AIDS.
E allora mostriamo loro come si mantengono le promesse! Diamo l’esempio al governo italiano e ai leader del G8 perché sappiano mantenere le promesse fatte ai summit precedenti per combattere la povertà e garantire salute, acqua e istruzione per tutti.

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Denying AIDS means to to rethink what we have all been told about HIV, about AIDS and about Africa. Mass hysteria in the world media outlets about African AIDS on a daily basis would drive a person into rage when noticing how hyped up estimates and statistics are and how Scientists feed the market for Antiretrovirals. Denying AIDS means to replace Toxic drug regimens with medications for the same classic diseases running rampant in Africa, the need for food, shelter, clean water and better sanitary conditions. Denying AIDS does not mean to deny diseases – every country has had them. Denying AIDS means to let go of the phoney construct the HIV Industry invented.

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